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  1. Sandy

    A truly powerful experience today at JOS! This is my first time volunteering and I am grateful to have witnessed such a transformative process.

    Everyone participated and joined in to create an ensemble of MAGIC! I was so moved by the energy in the room, everyone including the carers and volunteers also had the opportunity to contribute musically – this went beyond the notion of sound – it was freedom to be acknowledged, recognized, inspired and be fully expressive in a safe environment. The creative process involved allows our mind and bodies to expand in ways that we are not fully engaged with in the daily life. More people should learn how to do this and they will be reaping so many benefits for their well-being!

    It was also incredible to see how JOS accommodate everyone’s experience – they actually design instruments to cater disabilities – it goes to show how much thought and craft has gone into the experience, making it as enjoyable and engaging as possible for everyone. The level of care and input that goes into the workshop is just incredible. I would really recommend going and experience it for yourself! I will be going back to explore in more depth and it is a pleasure to contribute to such a meaningful cause. Thank you JOS!

  2. Val Harding

    I came to a workshop for the first time at Vauxhall two weeks ago and found it a rewarding experience. I left with strong impressions, both musical and psychological. For a start I loved the way the instruments had been tuned. I picked up a guitar when I came in expecting to find it tuned to the usual notes (I had not at that point been introduced to the techniques used in this group) – and so I wondered what was the tuning about?! I was soon to discover how well this worked, and how creative the results could be ! I was very impressed with the technique of finding music and rhythm in any movement or expression by participants in the group, including the sound of wheelchair wheels. I felt there was a good energy in the room, and the way everyone was invited in and assisted in participating made this group feel a safe place for self expression. I totally enjoyed being a part of the group. The venue in the church hall is an excellent place for this workshop. It is not easy to run a large group of this type, and I was very impressed with the skills used by William and the volunteers who held the group together and worked towards creating such positive interactions. I am looking forward to my next visit.

  3. Chris Leeds

    The ‘Redmond Files’ compilation is up on the website now! It features tracks created by a whole range of musicians, sound artists and film makers using a workshop recorded at the Redmond Centre – the large group was boosted with opera singers, brass players and string players, so the resulting audio and video pieces have an incredibly rich pallette of linked sounds which each artist has taken and moulded and added their own twist

  4. Chris Leeds

    The video section of the website now has pretty much all our videos up. They span a dozen years and about the same number of countries featuring music, people, festivals, artworks, performances, workshops, travel and more …

  5. Chris Leeds

    Thanks to Alex Wilk for getting us modernised – great to see the new website up and running – everything is working, and now it’s down to some refinements, updating older material and uploading new pictures and stories.

  6. davie mcauley

    Wonderful creative space allowing for exploration and expression on an individual, and collective level. ‘Hands-on’ physicality , in a safe and secure environment, gives the participants a unique sensory and auditory experience, this input must work through to a deeper psychological and synaptic level – ‘expressive vibrational healing’, might attempt to describe it.

    Facilitating such a group requires a range of techniques and abilities – Will and his long term volunteers illustrate what can truly be achieved given time and effort. They have created and developed ‘user-specific’ instruments, and continue to innovate their design and use .Every performance has its own unique nature – the mix of participants and instruments create a fluidity of expression which resonates throughout the architecture of its setting.

    Any opportunity to listen to earlier recordings of J O S should be taken to illustrate the group’s dynamic input and evolution. Imagine an orchestra of 100 !!.

    Will, Morgan, Anna , Charlie and the other volunteers have encouraged and enabled many souls over the years, and hopefully will continue to do so.
    Funding has always created its own demands, and any donations of instruments, time, experience ( and even $$) would, I am sure be greatly appreciated.

    Looking forward to working with JoS on future projects, here’s to the beautiful times ahead……

    • Chris Leeds

      Hi Davie – thanks for your comments – I volunteer for JOS, so always good to get feedback – as you can tell we haven’t got the hang of new features like this page on the website, hence the delay in replying – we’ve only just got used to having facebook!

  7. arnold layne.

    A highly rewarding musical and spatial experience !.

    I had the pleasure of participating in a recent JOY OF SOUND workshop in the ambient space of St Peters church in Vauxhall, and I offer my reflections.

    It is marvellous that the many differing abilities of the participants’ are given a creative space and the encouragement to express themselves through gestures, sound, movement,…all included in a medium where an ‘expressive healing vibration’ exists; hands on techniques explore a safe-zone physicality which so few of the less able ( wheel chair bound) participants rarely get to receive and interact with. Their uninhibited joy is a revelation in itself.

    Their invitation to lead, respond and provide feedback facilitates a unique personal and collective energy, creating a means and a way to organic orchestration, creating a totally original soundtrack and synaptic pathway.

    The use of ‘call and response, mirroring and harmonic ’rounds’ using the human voice, stringed instruments and percussion produce a phenomena which has to be seen and heard to relish the feelings which are experienced and released.

    The diversity of the instrumentation utilized, enables the individual to delve into a deeper, more reflective inner space, the space allowing for innovation and interpretation of the collective sound which is created, interacted upon, and subsequently ,produced.
    This changes over time, if you get a chance to listen to early JOS performances you can also appreciate the nature of the groups’ evolution, and the development of the specialist instruments that William , and others, have developed.

    The organisation, the ‘holding’ of the space, creates within itself a dynamic balance between order and chaos……..autonomy versus structure…..I appreciate how challenging it is for some one to ‘manage’ the workshop and the total performance, to allow every participant to express themselves , to explore their individual creativity, but Will’s experience shows when he enables and encourages even the most reluctant or introverted member within the workshop.

    Joy of Sound is a consequence of much hard work and input by many people. I note and appreciate the work put in by the long term volunteers…Morgan, Anna, Charlie and all the others, we salute you!!.

    So, support this phenomenal group , in whatever way you can……….experience the Love, feel the Joy, ……..Sound people!!.

    • Chris Leeds

      Hi Arnold – thanks for your comments – I volunteer for JOS, so always good to get feedback – as you can tell we haven’t got the hang of new features like this page on the website, hence the delay in replying – we’ve only just got used to having facebook!

  8. James Scott (Hackney Gazette)

    I joined a Joy of Sound workshop at Chats Palace on Tuesday morning, and I’m all the better for it.

    I was asked along by student James Patterson, who has been attending sessions for a few months. You are immediately encouraged to enter into the spirit of the workshop upon entry. Grab an instrument and get involved. There must have been around 50 people taking part, and I think the size of the group allows people to leap out of their comfort zone. It’s amazing what playing an instrument (badly in my case) and singing (again…) can do to your spirit. Joy of Sound is an apt name for the group as you can see the joy in everyone’s faces taking part.

    Highly recommend it to anyone. Great team running the show as well!

    • Chris Leeds

      Hi James – thanks for your comments – I volunteer for JOS, so always good to get feedback – as you can tell we haven’t got the hang of new features like this page on the website, hence the delay in replying – we’ve only just got used to having facebook!

  9. Ricky Edwards

    It was great to be a part of the JOS Public Showcase and Album Launch Event. At very short notice I was welcomed back into the JOS fold and asked to be a part of the Operetta, which I thought we performed magnificently considering even right up to the last rehearsal new people were been added in true JOS inclusive style and spirit, making the performance one with our toes trembling in un-chartered exciting waters! I particularly liked singing in the male ‘illusions of grandeur’ scene and thought the female theatrical counter, a great bit of theatre indeed, not to be forgotten for many a year to come!
    Also, performing my Poem: ‘Toe’tally’ as song leading into a live performance of my track on the Redmond Files album was a real thrill. Having my painting projected behind me and having Eddie, Toby, and JOS-William together again after 32 years, in the audience that night, (fellow members of the original Band ‘Sharp Teeth’ -playing gigs around Vauxhall, Brixton and Forest Hill over 32 years ago!) brought back floods of emotions and happy memories and all in all it was a most wonderful night.
    ps. A big thanks to Sue Charteris who included a photo of me in her post!!

  10. sue charteris

    Thanks to all at JOS for the Public Showcase and Launch Event. I thought the whole event was brilliant, moving, inspired and truly sensational with amazing spine-tingling performances from all the artists, the ‘ house band’ and the Redmond artists. I have followed your request as promised and been listening to my ( paid for) copy of the Redmond files all day today.

    The performance piece was electric, Pina Bausch would have been proud to produce such a work and the way you used the setting of St Georges created such an atmosphere.

    Vesna, your film: you know I loved it. Funny, oozing in atmosphere.. The songs have entrered my heart but above all, you caught the sheer beauty in the faces of the participants, making music, sharing silence, glowing with joy, saying Yes. I am sure you have another Competition Winner.

    Th web site works really well too, creating such a good showcase. Thanks again, till the next time.

    Here are a couple of my pics but I was too captivated to take anymore, great pics already on your site.

  11. Tania

    Public Showcase and Launch event feedback. Hey jOS! The evening was lovely. Celebration in unity. The performace piece was great! Expressive, grotesque and moving. Also website looks amazing! And Vesna’s film was really enjoyable. Atmospher was friendly and open. Hope yoy made some moneys 😉 Organisationwise it would be good to have more ‘breathing’ space included in program. So there is more time for people to just chat about what was presented. Otherwise well organised and presented. As ever volunteers driving force is incredible! Thanks for invite.


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